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The world is changing faster and more profoundly than ever. We’ve been let down time and again by our systems, our leaders, even our heroes. Something isn’t working. And doing nothing is no longer an option. Change Incorporated have one simple, single goal: to drive measurable, positive change where it’s needed the most.

51% believe radically new systems are needed. 

41% think corporations should lead the change. 

Only 13% believe they do.

Source: WolffOlins

Creating a conversation, or causing a controversy?

We are funded by the companies at the heart of the world’s most controversial, most crucial issues. Yes, you read that right. Organisations who are willing to finance content aimed at changing issues coming from their own industries. And who are embracing business transformation as a documented way to achieve measurable positive change.

It’s pretty radical. But we’re here to do whatever it takes. And if that means turning a brand at the heart of the problem into a part of the solution then so be it. 

The one non-negotiable on our side: even though companies fund our missions, they don’t have  control over what we publish. VICE and Change Incorporated retain editorial control.

We’ve started by encouraging the UK to stop smoking cigarettes

Cigarettes remain the largest cause of premature death in the world, killing seven million people every year. So as our very first mission, funded by Philip Morris International (PMI), we’re aiming to get UK smokers to quit cigarettes. Why the UK? Because it is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to public health regulation designed to support people who want to stop cigarettes.

It’s a mission we are working hard to extend around the world. But as you can imagine, it’s a slow and complex process we’ll take on country by country.

This website contains media information and background information on our initiative as well as our first mission, quit Cigarettes. For any media inquiries, please reach out to


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Welcome to Change Incorporated’s media hub, home to press kits and materials for anyone seeking information relating to Change Incorporated.

The first Change Incorporated initiative, Quit Cigarettes, is funded by Philip Morris International, with VICE retaining editorial independence.


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Who are we, and how do we operate? What is funded content, and how does the Quit Cigarettes mission work? What is the role of VICE and where does PMI enter the picture?

View our background document for an overview of important details of the Change Incorporated initiative and the Quit Cigarettes mission.


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We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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