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Change Incorporated is a new media platform from VICE


London, UK, April 2rd, 2019

This April, VICE launches a new editorially-independent media platform which will look to positively impact people’s behaviour and tackle some of society’s biggest issues, from our dependence on fossil fuels to the overconsumption of sugar or plastic. The inaugural project, a global mission to quit cigarettes, will first launch in the UK funded by Philip Morris International. This is not an advertising campaign - VICE retains editorial control. The standalone site, outside of the VICE UK channels, will not promote e-cigarettes or any tobacco products. The ambition is that this initiative will also rollout to other markets beyond the UK in time.

Background for Change Incorporated

This April, global media brand VICE will launch, an editorially independent channel that aims to create measurable social change on some of society’s biggest issues that are important to VICE’s audience.

  • 88% of VICE’s audience want to see real change “in their lifetimes” but as 66% do not trust the government to do what's best for people like them, VICE’s missions on the new platform will aim to show all sides to any argument and let people make up their own minds(2).

  • Change Incorporated will invite businesses and industry leaders to be part of the solution, by addressing problems from the inside-out and through support for the best journalism and editorially independent content.

  • Change Incorporated’s first mission will be to get the UK to ‘Quit Cigarettes’.

  • Dominique Delport, International President VICE MEDIA Global, comments, “VICE has always had a revolutionary spirit, so we are going to focus that effort into helping create the biggest measurable change that matters to our community. We have never shied away from taking risks to tell the tougher stories and uncover the facts, so while we are starting with a mission to get the UK to quit cigarettes, this is the start of a bigger global ambition through Change Incorporated where we will look at ending the use of single-use plastics, reducing sugar consumption and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.”

Quit Cigarettes - the first mission in the UK

Smoking is the largest preventable cause of premature death in the world and costs the NHS around £2 billion every year, yet around 7.5 million people in the UK still smoke cigarettes(4)

40% of VICE’s audience currently smoke, more than double the UK average, with 60% saying they want to give up for good3 . On a nationwide level 78% of UK smokers surveyed say they want to quit1 , but as only 6% succeed annually(4) Change Incorporated hopes to be able to contribute to these efforts.

At, films and articles will explore the scientific and societal aspects of smoking, to encourage debate and provide support for people wanting to quit the habit, from an up-close look at the tobacco industry to the reasons why it’s so hard to give up. Voices from healthcare, industry and politics will be invited to share their opinions to tackle complex issues.

The funder for this initial mission will be Philip Morris International with one single measure of success: the number of people Change Incorporated can get to attempt to stop smoking cigarettes in the UK, audited by an independent third party.

The funding agreement guarantees VICE has editorial control and independence, and the mission will allow critics to voice their opinions as well as be consistent with the UK Government’s Tobacco Control Plan.


Change Incorporated Press Office
Russell Minahan or Dan Turner
Tel: +44 (0) 7557 438576

About Change Incorporated

Change Incorporated is a new editorially independent channel from global media brand VICE that aims to create measurable change on issues important to VICE’s global audience. The purpose-driven channel will have editorial control and independence and will take funding from a small number of businesses to undertake different ‘missions’. The funding is primarily to support the best journalism and most compelling content on the Internet.

About Quit Cigarettes mission

Quit Cigarettes mission will initially launch in the UK and will have one single measure of success; the number of people that seriously attempt to stop smoking cigarettes, which will be audited by an independent third party. The funder for the mission is Philip Morris International and all activity will be consistent with the UK Government’s Tobacco Control Plan. Quit Cigarettes is an initiative created by Change Incorporated (VICE) and funded by Philip Morris International. VICE maintains editorial control, so Philip Morris International may not share the views expressed.

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1 Source: Exclusive survey conducted by Savanta, 2,375 UK residents aged 18+, March 2019
2 Source: VICE UK Media audience insights, January 2019
3 Source: VICE Media audience insights, September 2018. Respondents aged 18+
4 Source: World Health Organization, 2011 WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2011